Alumni Courtyard

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12" x 12"
Diamond Granite Centerpieces

Growing out of the success of the Alumni Walk, built five years ago, the Alumni Courtyard is inscribed with the names of dedicated Alumni Association members and will introduce generations of students to the distinguished Penn State alumni family that awaits them upon graduation.

At the heart of the Hintz Family Alumni Center, this plaza is nestled behind the newer main building. The Alumni Courtyard connects to the Alumni Walk, and both will be traversed by thousands of students each day, making the area one of the most visible and visited features at our alumni home on campus.

By reserving a stone, Penn Staters are also helping student programs. All Alumni Courtyard proceeds will go to an endowed fund that supports two student groups affiliated with the Penn State Alumni Association—the Blue & White Society and the Lion Ambassadors—as well as helps other student programs like the FastStart program for underrepresented first-year students.

Members of the Penn State Alumni Association are invited to add their name to the Alumni Courtyard and show generations to come what Penn State means to them. Once installed, participants can view their bricks or stones on the online brick locator.